Providing Superyachts with
Sales & Consultancy



ACtecna offers Consultancy for on-board Electrical Power distribution and control systems. We are supplying technical support on electrical installations and machines. Our longtime experience is based on working together with the Superyacht Industry and Commercial Vessels.

New projects

For new Projects ACtecna will offer the realization of technical specifications for installations and fittings. We will also take care for all the regulations and necessary technical analysis for installation and classification. Concept studies for distribution systems will be made as well as market comparisons. We will also provide and realize the technical specifications for automated installations. While working with several suppliers on a project, ACtecna will also provide the technical specifications for automation installations.

Under construction

If your Yacht or Vessel is under construction, ACtecna will be able to perform the survey during this process and will perform checks at a regular base. At the end of the construction period ACtecna will inspect the complete installation in conformity with all the specifications and requirements.

Already launched

For Yachts already launched we provide quality and conformity checks of Class registers. If your Yacht or Vessel is subject to a major refit, ACtecna is capable to evaluate the complete electrical installation in terms of all technical aspects and costs.

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